Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another new beginning

Hello there.

It's been awhile since I've written anything, blogging especially. But it seems as though that the late nights mulling over life's questions have gotten the best of me, and I once again need an outlet where I can physically write out my thoughts and opinions.

Since the amount of people using Blogger have shrunk considerably, I'm willing to bet that friends reading this new blog will be few and far between. That's okay. I type for myself and my own self-discovery. Somehow, I cannot be satisfied doing this in a private word document but no matter how few people read this blog, it is with a small viewership that I can bring myself to finish the thoughts that I begin writing down.

I have a couple of recent drafts sitting in my old blog, reminders of times during this first year of college where I had so many emotions but somehow couldn't bring myself to post any of them. I decided this was because my personality simply could not post things in a blog that belonged to someone so different from who I am now. I have changed a good amount since the last post in my most recent blog, and even more so from the days of freshman and sophomore year (thank god lol).

I have gained a lot, and lost a lot in this past year. Through it all I have grown quite a bit. Reading through my old blogs today made me realize this. And though I cringed where I typed lyke dis lolz :D and was saddened by the times when I was clearly mentally unstable, I found pride in the posts that were well written. The ones where I rightfully stood up for myself or clearly explained my thoughts and emotions. I am proud of how far I've come as an individual, and hope that through blogging I can begin sorting through all my hardships, ambitions and emotions once again.

Thus, I welcome you to valrhona-veracity.


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